Rami Malek as Ahkmenrah in Night at the Museum

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Hey, no, stop that shit. You are cast because you are the best for the part. The fact that he is Egyptian and has the right facial features means they had some really great luck with that casting.

People like you are so aggravating. Do you know anything about the acting industry? No you don’t, so allow me to elucidate you. Many acting studios don’t care about the proverbial “best for the part” in a lot of cases, they just care that you’re white. In acting try-outs for potential parts they state that an actor in question must be white, even if it’s a role like Cleopatra.

So this idea of meritocracy is slashed. Look at the industry. Can you really say with a straight face that PoC actors simply just aren’t as good as white actors?

The only “shit that needs to stop” is acceptance of whitewashing under the guise of “this person is the best for the part” because it does not happen in most cases.

I know a lot about the acting industry and I agree that “whitewashing” shouldn’t happen. I am very upset by it and fully believe the best for the part should be cast, not caucasian and not one of the proper ethnicity. Although, as I said in the last post if you are lucky enough and the best for the part is correct ethnicity, that is fucking awesome! So, again I’ll say stop that shit.

I’m back!!!! I moved to the city with some good friends and now have Internet! Which is really good because it felt like the last time I couldn’t play Pokemon for a long time which in turn felt like withdrawals. Hurray!

I wanted to thank my followers for not leaving me when I went on my reluctant sabbatical THANK YOU, YOU BEAUTIFUL, PATIENT PEOPLE!!!!!!!


My cat had kittens and is currently prego (love that sauce.) I would like to mention that in her last litter one of the kittens didn’t make it and I want someone other than me to remember there were 5 kittens not 4 born.

Also, I’m writing another fanfic! Avengers! Movie-verse but I plan on reading the comics soon.